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work-compHave you been seriously injured while on the job? Are you unsure of what to do next? Need to know your rights and whether or not you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? It’s time to talk with a lawyer about your situation. You can turn to Sowell, Stevenson & Steidl PLLC for advice about your situation.The attorneys at Sowell, Stevenson & Steidl PLLC have significant experience representing people who have been injured in workplace accidents. We handle workers’ comp claims throughout Kentucky, including related third-party claims and personal injury claims.

Common Workplace Injuries

There are many different types of injuries that can arise from a workplace accident. Some of the most common types of injuries we see include:

  • Cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Back injuries
    • Lumbar/spine
  • Shoulder injuries
    • Torn rotator cuffs
  • Torn ACL and MCL muscles
  • Knee injuries

We also handle wrongful death cases resulting from workplace accidents.

What Benefits Do I Get For A Workplace Injury?

If you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Kentucky, we will take time to explain the types of benefits available. These include Total Temporary Disability (TTD), medical and wage loss benefits and more. We make sure you understand what to expect after an accident and work to ensure you are justly compensated for your injuries.

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